February 28, 2020

🦠 ~ 💗 Current Viral Pandemic (Same Name as Popular Beer) - Origins and Antidotes 💕 ~ | Blogger: [⏩"The MAJOR Black Box technology construct intentions of "Coronavirus" military bio-weapon was NOT meant for human, but animals and battlegrounds. It was then hijacked and mutated, and one aspect was to created Panic, Fear and Chaos, in order to prevent Carbon to Crystalline transformation within humanity memory recall and thus, Ascension. Another aspect was to 'CONTROL' humanity through the "Problem, Reaction, Solution" pathway of chemical "False" Antidote as Vaccine! This is the utmost import: The Crystalline aspect, CANNOT be hijacked and knowing of this is your Antidote" ~ Magenta Pixie⏪]... {And there's much more in this key code video transmission} ... Waaaaaaauv!🙏... And the TRUTH will set you free... |

Source (Magenta Pixie)

Keycodes, seed points and light-encoded information for starseeds, lightworkers and healers regarding the current viral pandemic (same name as popular beer), its origins and the antidotes to it.

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