February 28, 2020

🧟 ~ Umbrella Corp Zombie Manic Panic 'Ghost Towns' World Order: Amid Coronavirus, the World Closes Its Doors to China & Govt's Closes Its Doors To Its Citizens ~ | Blogger: [⚠️Coronavirus Global Threat Upgraded To ‘Very High’ By W.H.O.⚠️]... Tons of Conferences Canceled. Cruise Ships under Quarantine. Tokyo Disneyland & Schools closes down; Iranian Schools & Parliament. Russian Gymnasts & Airplanes. Liverpool from winning the Premier League title. UK Buxton school closure. U.S. Bothell High School. Samsung shuts down a factory in South Korea. Indonesia shuts down embassy in S.Korea. California monitoring 8,400 people, stocks continue free fall. Danish Doctors to patients: GO HOME! Many under Mandatory and Voluntary Quarantine. Nearly 2 in 5 Americans won’t buy Corona BEER over virus concerns... |

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