Aug 10, 2019

👯 ~ Unsealed Jeffrey Epstein Documents List New Allegations Against Powerful Men (Forbes) ~ | Blogger: 😧 "Excerpts: President Trump and former president Clinton took previously unreported trips with the former financier. In a 2016 deposition of Giuffre, she claims that Maxwell ordered her to have sex with friends of Epstein, and she complied. They included Prince Andrew, former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, billionaire Glenn Dubin, modeling agent Jean-Luc Brunel, former U.S. senator George Mitchell and the late MIT scientist Marvin Minsky (and more). According to a deposition by a former Epstein butler, a 15-year-old Swedish girl told him she was forced to have sex with Epstein and others on the private island. In another deposition, a former house manager estimated over 100 “females” visited Epstein’s house to give massages in a ten-year period" .. A 15-year-old Swedish girl!! Whaaaat!???😱... Why are Jeppe Kofod not indicted? Oh i forgot, it's legal in Denmark... Sooo, in Denmark, on the other hand, the new Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs (Danish: Udenrigsminister), Jeppe Kofod, exiled MEP from EU Brussel, disgraced DSU (Political Social Democratic Youth of Denmark) and former, teen predator, has Parliamentary Immunity👎... PS: Epstein Documents Hit; Accuser Says Trump 'Didn't Partake In Any Sex With Any Of Us' ("Donald Trump never flirted with me.") ... |


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