Aug 10, 2019

🤪 ~ You Won't Believe When You Hear It... (Secureteam10 - Archive) ~ | Blogger: [🛸UFO Theater - The Age of Innocence (Burnout & Depression = more money?) : A rise of the social engineered nano-influencer, pieced together from montage of images and video sent in by his unsuspecting fans, buying up a huge 'arsenal' of stickers and t-shirts and what have you!?👽] ... {where did Tyler go..., he ask us.. after MAJOR burnout or depression - I WONDER WHY???}... Arsenio Hall: These are things that make you say "hmmm"...(Tyler: Tell me what you think😑) ... Why does Secureteam have 2M subscribers and hundreds of thousands of views, each time and NEVER been blacklisted by GoogleGG and YouTube police!? YouTube’s new monetization policies will make you rethink your brand and income, but Tyler, must make a fortune, alone, on other people's material, other than Cabal, is leaving him lone, at his YouTube channel... Don't get me wrong - good channel, but Tyler Glockner, NEVER EVER, has given us his own opinion, named names, pointed fingers or contacted the 'real' UFO communities for confirmations, whether you are in to Edge Of Wonder or Divine Cosmos(David Wilcock), whatever, it all seems to base Tylers clues on a wasteland of nothingness!?... Perhaps that's why, they leave him alone?... 🙇Verdensalt is not trying to be condensating and will not compare Tyler to the scam artist, Jerzy Babkowski (AKA ZAP), or scamtastic scammers like Dinar Chronicles blogs, TNT Tony, Landa China Global, KP, Karen Hudes, Dave Schmidt, etc...💸But ALL of these characters, makes a tons of money, out of thin air... It's just an opinion - Don't shoot the messenger... 🙅‍♀️Verdensalt makes no money at all on this blog - NOTHING. Not even google adsense og anything. I don't have an income and i don't take money from the State in my country.. Maybe i should, but that's NOT why i'm here...☝️PS: Do you wanna know the secret to where the action is?... Attend UFO conferences, sessions or just talk to Dr. Greer, David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Emery Smith, T. L. Keller, David Adair, Dr. Michael Salla,Tolec, Alex Collier, William Tompkins, James Gilliland, Cobra, OMNEC ONEC, Rob Potter, R. Scott Lemriel etc. etc. I did.. They are the REAL truth-explorer of our universe... Listen to them, and you will find out, that nothing is what it seems... We're all desperately seeking the truth... 🤥We're so tired of NASA lies and want to get real confirmations of either 'unexplained aerial phenomenon' or 'Alien reproduction vehicles' has accessed our skies, below the Veil of the Matrix and why MIC-SSP with other factions, has the most super advanced Star Trek empire, in the LIMITED SPACE, where normal people like, Rocket-Madsen or "Mad" Mike Hughes, has no access too. Just think about, if you're been watching Star Trek Discovery series - we (Dark Alliance) has been traded with other civilizations on Earth and their Nazi allies, for decades with a highly advanced space community, that will make you head spin... This is where the fight should be, for FULL DISCLOSURE. Not bits and pieces, not partly - but FULL disclosure... Nothing else, matters... Perhaps we should all read a book called: 'The Official CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception'... ⚠️ Tyler (and CIA) was RIGHT about one thing: to bring in the link to Interstellar (2014) which verdensalt has heard, were divinely guided and came close to reality... Oh by the way- yes i didnt spend time on 'Ascension Mystery School: 5-Week Online Program'. First day and 4 hours was a REPEAT of old stuff he has told us hundred of times before and nothing new, so i got my money back... but, but it doesn't mean Divine Cosmos or for that matter, someone like Tyler is good or bad, it only means, i'm tired of wasting money or my attention, on knowledge, i already possess... 🛫PSS: Oh i forgot, according to Benjamin Fulford about 26 power poles crash in south Seattle : "Pentagon sources are telling us “the domino-like, sudden collapse of 26 telephone poles right along the main thoroughfare servicing Boeing’s many Seattle facilities along East Marginal Way” last week was “no coincidence.” “This was a white-hat message to Boeing to cease and desist from the use of remote control override technology in its planes used in its ‘airplane accidents,’ as well as its other warmongering/war crimes/war technologies (that may use 5G), both public and secret,” the sources say... |

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