Aug 10, 2019

🚨 ~ (DK) Ny eksplosion i København ødelægger facade på politistation (TV2 FNYS NEWS) ~ | .. (ENG) New explosion in Copenhagen destroys facade at police station. 9th (bomb) explosion in 2019 .. | Blogger: [💣New Explosions. A New 'Groundhog Day,' ' See You Yesterday. Miniature Oklahoma City Bombing With No Injured. First Order of Business - Protect & Serve Jewish Israeli-Zionist Synagogues & Jewish Schools (just like in Germany?) Street Gangs, Criminals, ISIS or Russia?. Nobody Knows. Police, Politicians or Danish Intelligence Authorities Are Deadly Silent🤫] ... According to LIVE briefing from Danish police HQ, at 10.0 CET: Police are taking the explosion extremely seriously, calling for a man in dark clothing and white shoes seen running from the scene. Heavily armed police is patrolling every single govt building, on every stop light signal, popular tourist places, protecting every corner... ANYWAYS - A WORLD VIEW :-- Russia has their own problems last days with explosion at a military site in Severodvinsk from experimental ‘isotope & liquid-propellant’ engine, while major power failure affects homes and transport in UK, N. Korea launches 2 ‘unidentified projectiles’, new bloody clashes in Yemen arouse fears in the UN and as tension mounts over recent Israeli settler ‘visits’ to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Palestine groups say ‘LOCK’ mosques for Eid al-Adha... Border Patrol TAKING MACHINE GUN FIRE at Rio Grande in USA, and a heavily-armed man in body armor arrested after casually walking into Missouri Walmart and lastly, ‘Hispanic man armed with AR-15’ guns down 2 in Texas rush hour, flees as witness fires back... PS: Not to forget, that Las Vegas ‘vigilante’ plotted to recruit killer squads to murder Jewish and LGBT communities in latest breaking outburst from MSM Lame Stream Media Madness... |

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