Aug 10, 2019

🕌🔴 ~ Norway mosque shooting: One injured in attack by gunman in helmet ( ~ | .. The shooting happened at the al-Noor Islamic Centre according to reports in Norway .. | Blogger: [🐑Wake Up Sheeple : The Masquerade, Charade & illusion Will Continue As Long As Fear, Propaganda and Deception, Is Working. The Separation Game From The Divine Source Within Us All, Tears Us Apart From The Truth⚖️] ... {RAMADAN is one of the most important religious observances for Muslims every year and just kickstarted. CIA / Cabal / Mossad are masters of deception and want a war between Christianity and Islam, since war and conflicts with Iran, Russia, Syria, failed} ... These "False Flag operations" seems unstoppable at the moment. Please remember, things are NEVER EVER, what they FIRST appear to be and it's getting more and more important to digging in and finding out what is going on, at the world scene... There are 3 key reasons why the cabal masquerading as government can lawfully maintain their control: (our) your incompetence, their breach of trust and implied consent to their authority, by all the other ‘citizens’ of government... SEEK THE TRUTH -- SHARE THE TRUTH -- HONOR THE TRUTH... EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED... |

One person has been shot at the al-Noor Islamic Centre, according to reports

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