Aug 20, 2019

💉 ~ Johnson launches anti-vaxxer crusade as measles outbreak grips UK (RT) ~ | Blogger: [🤯O-M-G! This is a time to wage spiritual warfare😾] .. Please, please don't pay any attention to the incredible powerful and allopathy cartels psychopaths (Mafia), selling their soul for profit, regardless of the killings of innocent babies and humans, on Earth... LET me tell you, when people wake up from the nightmare 3-D Matrix of illusion, there will be a spiritual reckoning... PS: DID YOU KNOW, that the MMR vaccine was approved after (only) 42-day-trials in 1978?... ANOTHER FACT CHECKER: The HPV vaccine is the most (disgusting) and technologically most advanced I've ever studied on verdensalt, and it's not something that I pull out of my (buttocks)... Both Gardasil® and Cervarix® are produced using recombinant DNA technology and nanotechnological superiority. In other words, you say yes to nanorobots being able to swim freely in your organs and infect you or cure you? (With the revolution of nanotechnology comes an unmatched control over the electron migration in a nano-transistor)... Not to mention about Aluminium in vaccines, entering the The blood–brain barrier (BBB) - an Aluminum-induced neurotoxicity: alterations in membrane... |

Main image: MMR vaccine © Reuters / Lindsey Wasson; Inset: Boris Johnson © Reuters

The British government has launched a campaign to combat misleading information spread by people opposed to vaccines, after the UK lost its “measles-free” status with the World Health Organization.


Activistpost | ~ MMR Vaccine Approved After Only 42-Day-Trials In 1978, Per FDA FOIA Reports ~ |

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