Aug 20, 2019

0️⃣ ~ Jyske Bank Has Debuted The World's First Negative Interest Rate Mortgage (Introduces Negative Interest Rates For Rich Customers) ~ | Blogger: [📈Negative mortgage rates? Other countries like Ireland, will not follow suit📉] ... {The world's headlong dash to zero or negative interest rates just passed another milestone: a bank in Denmark is paying homebuyers to take}... BUT THAT'S NOT ALL... FOR the first time i danish history, it will now cost (digital) money (up to minus 0,6% or more) to have a 'digital account' (banks don't have cool cash only Account Money) in the bank of Jyske Bank, with over 7 million or more and other banks are pleading danish government for help to a new Stability Package, due to the (negative interest rate) problem...🤑 PS: Danish support packages for the financial and corporate sectors was helped by sole financier to the danish government and got hundred of millions in commision, in return (the British finance house NM Rothschild)... "The date was November 26, 2008, and the recipient, in addition to Michael Dithmer, was then Minister of Finance and Business Lene Espersen. Just the day before, the Danish politicians behind the settlement of Bank Package 1 had begun preparations for a new aid package, and the 200-year-old consultancy Rothschild was ready to help knit it together with its offer" ~Berlingske... "Rothschild receives most of the DKK 100 million that the state pays for advice in connection with Bank Package 2, and the preliminary investigation of Dong's stock exchange listing, which Rothschild was responsible for in 2007 cost DKK 70 million" ~ Berlingske... (true stories from the MSM media outlets - links below).... |

Banker til Lars Rohde: Vi har brug for hjælp med de negative renter

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