Sep 4, 2018

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There were no planes hitting any towers on 911.

What we all witnessed on the fake news TV network feeds was a series of projected hologram images, as in a Hollywood movie or a Pink Floyd concert.

It is an impossible feat for any plane to cut into a structure specifically designed to withstand this type of impact.

Had any plane hit any of the towers of the WTC, the planes would have accordion crunched like a paper sack hitting a brick wall.

The concrete and steel girders of WTC towers were turned to dust in within minutes - a completed devastation on a molecular level.

Cars in the surrounding area were melted or partially melted down.

Notice the wood and paper did not burn, but remained intact, exactly like the California fires.

Dr Judy Wood; her momma didn't raise no fool:

911 What Happened - Not How It Happened - Dr Judy Wood

Published on Nov 15, 2012

The problem is the buildings turned to dust in mid air
911 was an attack on human consciousness - It numbed everyone
Our memory is malleable

Lots of secret technology out there

Free Energy - Energy Weapons

This is the Jesse Ventura show from last night - featuring John Hutchison and Judy!


911 - Incredible images with original questions


Published on Sep 20, 2010

Samples of (perhaps) thousands of anomalous pictures from that is Doctor Judy Wood Phd .

She has an ongoing law suit to be heard at the Supreme court.

An engineer, she has suggested the use of DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) as the means by which the 911 events happened.

This video is just a taster for the massive amount of evidence she has gathered on her web site.

Further material may also be seen here:

and here:

and here:



Published on Oct 30, 2011

Dr Judy Wood is one of the most controversial speakers regarding 9-11, yet her message is simple, and it is an examination of the evidence, I caught up with her while she was in Brighton, on the south coast of the UK.

In the UK (maybe all of Europe) Dr Judy's book is available from Andrew Johnson at


What Didn't Really Happen On 911? - Morris


Published on Sep 10, 2014
My playlist on 911 many videos with Dr Judy Wood::

911 and Thermite, The official Conspiracy Theory?

From the description of a video i made suggesting no planes were used on 911:

[ btw we also know other buildings were destroyed on that day with no allegation of planes hitting - somebody pointed this out in a message: "...there was no office equipment to be seen anywhere no plain parts no 32 huge landing wheels..." ]

The "official" account of Boeing 767s striking the North and South Towers, at 400+MPH and 500+MPH respectively, became glued in peoples' minds as "fact" because of the "tee-vee". Good ol' tee-vee. We all trust the media.

Even in 1938, when Orson Welles directed a special Halloween radio broadcast of the novel "War of the Worlds", millions of Americans believed Martians were invading earth.

Everyone trusts the media! (As a side note, I'd like to advertise a new article by Andrew Johnson: "Mars Anomalies".) continued at:


A re-examination of videos of the plane crashes and both the actual destruction of the towers and the aftermath seems to strongly suggest or even prove that (a) unconventional weaponry destroyed the towers and (b) the stories of large planes hitting the towers are bogus.

For (a) one can simply ask "Where did the building go?" (and no, it wasn't "into the basements").

For (b) one can simply ask "How can a hollow tube made of light materials cut through multiple steel girders, with little or no deceleration?" continued at: