Sep 4, 2018

SECTION 51 2.0 \\ Charlotteobserver | Sept 4, 2018 | ~ UFO Fleet filmed by Airplane passenger over JAPAN !!! August 2018 ~ | ~ A mysterious square aircraft hovering in night sky ‘scared me to death,’ NC man says ~ | Blogger: [📢Addressing 'The Powers That Be & To The Compartmentalization, Dogmatic Individuals: 'Hiding the truth is the same as telling a lie. Be open, honest, and tell everything. If you have to hide it, you shouldn't be doing it in the first place'🕳️] ... (Wooooow ... Say hello to my little UFO friend!🛸) ... ⚠️ Benjamin Fulford last comments this week's report: (UFO Fleet over Japan): ".. On a final note this week, while we generally leave the off-world disclosure and UFO-type stuff to others, we felt compelled to send this link sent to us by the CIA containing a link to a UFO allegedly filmed by a Japanese airline passenger on August 2nd. These sources say an off-world alliance will soon reveal itself to the world’s public. Our stance, however, remains that even if there are UFOs (and this writer has personally seen and photographed some), for now they are not interfering in any visible way in human affairs. We must liberate the planet by ourselves, and if we attain world peace, then hopefully the quarantine on this planet will be lifted .. "💓 ... 💭PS: To all the "naysayers" - I understand what you're thinking... 😏 YES - It could have been fabricated by Inside CIA & DARPA's Project Blue Beam HOLOGRAM SKY (like the 9/11 planes😊) ... 😏 YES - NASA covering up 'Alien structures' on the Moon, Mars, they cut live feeds from ISS on UFO sightings, hide changes of the REAL Sun, Nibiru, Pole shifts, etc. etc. ... 😏 YES - NASA and other 3-letter agencies uses CGI technology & Photoshopping ... 😏 YES - The world's flat-Earth movement appears to be growing ... BUT, they can't hide everything forever, can they!? ... |