Sep 4, 2018

U.S. News & World Report | Sept 4, 2018 | ~ Man Held After Throwing Explosive Device Near U.S. Embassy in Cairo - Sources ~ | Blogger: When i post insane stuff from CIA Operation Mockingbird MSM media of craziness, it's just to show you, how the media will spin stories to keep you distracted, to what's really going on, behind the scene... To get your attention, elsewhere and to ALWAYS, put people in a fearful energic mode... |

CAIRO (REUTERS) - Egyptian security forces detained a man on Tuesday after he threw an explosive device which detonated near the U.S. embassy in Cairo, three security sources said.

No casualties were reported, the sources said. The U.S. Embassy in Cairo said on its Twitter account that it was aware of a "reported incident" and asked people to avoid the area.

(Reporting by Ahmed Mohamed Hassan and Mohamed al Sherif; Writing by Aidan Lewis; Editing by Gareth Jones)

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