Sep 4, 2018

🔴UPDATE | RT | Sept 4, 2018 | ~ Strongest typhoon in 25yrs hits Japan, with evacuation advisories & 100s of flights canceled ~ | .. Typhoon Jebi, the strongest cyclone in 25 years, has made landfall in Japan, meteorologists say. The authorities reportedly issued evacuation advisories for over a million and canceled around 800 flights. Jebi is classed as a “very strong” typhoon, Ryuta Kurora, the chief forecaster from the Japan Meteorological Agency, told AFP. “This is [the strongest] since 1993,” Kurora said .. | Blogger: UPDATE: 1 MILLION PEOPLE MUST BE EVACUATED. SO FAR, THERE ARE SIX DEAD AND 126 INJURED IN THE EXTREMELY VIOLENT STORM, according to several media, including Independent, Daily Mail and The Mirror ... [🌩️TAKE HOLD OF WEATHER WARFARE🎐] .. O-M-G! Wooooow... 😱That's NOT GOOD AT ALL... Check it out... Natural? Or magnetic polar shifts / Nibiru, causing massive global superstorms, if not, HAARP and geoengineers to “Shock & Awe” the world... UPDATE: |

High waves triggered by Typhoon Jebi are seen at a fishing port in Aki, Kochi Prefecture / Reuters