Sep 5, 2018

RT | Sep 5, 2018 | ~ Facebook building a physical 'war room' for US midterm elections 'arms race' ~ | .. Facebook is getting ready for the US midterm elections by building a literal "war room" and seeking to win the "arms race" against "bad actors," a company boss said in remarks that seemed like they were pulled from the Cold War. Facebook's head of civic engagement, Samidh Chakrabarti, highlighted progress made by the tech giant in tackling "misinformation" and "fake news" in an interview with NBC published on Tuesday. The platform has become really effective over the past two years in "combating foreign interference" and blocking and deleting unwanted "fake accounts," according to the top executive .. | Blogger: STRANGE, since Facebook's 'family' is getting smaller, as several executives head for the exits in a turbulent year, CNBC can report. Perhaps they can't stand the fact, FB is a CIA/NSA Information Gathering Tool & ‘Threat Matrix Score’ on every world citizens whose plugged in...🤔... Please remember - with more than $1 billion per quarter in advertising revenue and 1.2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is more than just a social networking site - it's a shrewdly run corporation... |