Sep 5, 2018

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Planetary Predictions September

Many positive changes are occurring this month after such an intense summer. The eclipses with Mars retrograde, conjunct Ketu were stressful for everyone. Mars and Ketu are still together till early November, but most of the retrograde planets will finally be direct. This is really helpful and will encourage new forward movement in our lives. These past eclipses inspired us to look within and get in touch with our feelings from the past. Now everyone seems to be searching for something more meaningful.
The entire month of September transiting Jupiter and Venus will be together in Libra. This will bring a feeling of peace and togetherness. Venus will turn retrograde October 6th, so this month it is in preparation as its rate of speed begins to slow. Currently it is an evening “star,” which started on January 9, 2018, and will end on October 27, 2018. The power of Venus to produce healing in relationships and love will be evidenced in its cyclic process. Retrograde planets appear brighter in the night sky because they are closest to the earth. Therefore when a planet is retrograde it emphasizes what that planet represents. Venus is the planet of relationships and love, therefore it is time to heal our relationships. This Venus retrograde is analyzed thoroughly in my spiritual insights this month.

Another interesting feature this month is Venus and Jupiter are in opposition to Uranus. Venus will oppose Uranus September 11th indicating a surprising event concerning negotiations and peace. It may represent surprise shifts in awareness. This can indicate unexpected meetings and a new awakening in consciousness. The world is progressing and the stark divide between people on earth is shifting. On a personal level this can represent an exciting meeting with someone who opens a new life perspective.

As Venus and Jupiter near each other Neptune is casting a trine to this duo. This will have a spiritual effect on human awareness, and begin to heal the angry issues provoked by Mars retrograde during the previous six-month period. Venus and Neptune can also indicate romantic love, so get ready for an opening of the heart.

Neptune and Venus indicate the arts and creativity. Since Neptune specifically indicates film and movies, movies that awaken the heart will come out at this time.

Mars is exalted in Capricorn and conjunct Ketu magnifies its potential to affect positive changes. Use this time to initiate changes that require courage to overcome.

September 25-26 Mars will conjunct Ketu around 9-10 degrees of Capricorn which is the degree of the last lunar eclipse indicating a deeply emotional event. This can indicate an attack of violence. The extremes around violence are not over, but the need for peace will evolve out of this. This is a time of war and peace; we are at a crossroads. Healing will evolve out of the chaos. Transiting Mars will transit over the past solar eclipse degree around October 26th (24 degrees Capricorn) indicating another turning point in history.

Mars, Saturn and Jupiter disposit to Venus, empowering Venus even more while it is transiting in Libra, from September 1st-January 1st. Many progressive changes will transpire due to the healing power of Venus in this cardinal sign.

September 6th Saturn will shift from retrograde to direct at 8 degrees of Sagittarius. When a planet turns direct it makes a major impact, watch for a shocking events. Saturn in Sagittarius concerns extreme righteousness and destruction, as it is in the nakshatra Mula, ruled by the Niritti the goddess of destruction. Events this month awaken the need for peace. As Saturn transits direct, it will begin to conjoin Pluto, representing a major breakdown of governments and society. This will be a difficult time but essential for a new awakening.

Venus in Libra is at the midpoint between Rahu and Ketu. This is another indication that Venus is the focal point. Libra is the sign of fairness, balance, peace, love and relationships. On a personal level this will open the heart, healing relationships. It can even indicate a new relationship. Understand that relationships are mirrors, they reflect our own issues. This can provoke vast spiritual and emotional growth.

When we come from a place of love and acceptance we will attract this into our lives. Releasing all expectations of others, and coming from appreciation and love, we will experience the happiness we desire. This month is all about the power of Venus, which equates to the healing power of love.

Spiritual Insights
Venus Retrograde and the Power of Love

When a planet goes retrograde it becomes the focus in the heavens; the stationing degrees and the sign become most significant. Venus is the planet that spends the least amount of time retrograde than any other planet. Its effects are imperative to understanding world events. Venus turns retrograde every 18 months and remains retrograde for 42 days. It will turn retrograde October 5th at 6 degrees of Libra and turn direct November 16th at 1 degree Libra, and remains in the sign Libra for four months, September 1st-January 1st, 2019. In this process Venus has extremely symbolic, deep meanings for mankind.

In my previous research on Venus retrograde 15 years ago, I discovered there was a time frame following Venus retrograde that major peace treaties came about. They seemed to be around nine months following this cycle. I just made the realization why it takes this amount of time to produce the transition that Venus produces. In the cyclic process of the retrograde period, Venus shifts from a morning star to an evening star. Interestingly enough this process was emphasized by the ancient astrologers. They claimed when Venus became an evening star it indicated major events concerning war. Venus is an evening start (visible at Night) when it is at a higher zodiacal degree than the Sun, but when Venus conjoins the Sun and transits behind the Sun it will be in a lower degree than the Sun and is not visible in the evening. What occurred to me, is that the cycle of Venus from an evening star to morning star takes nine months. Venus became an evening Star January 10th 2018 and it will become a morning star October 25th 2018, nine months apart!.

This nine month cycle is extremely symbolic, as it is the gestation period for a baby. The world is coming to a new birth in this process. It is extremely symbolic that when Venus turns retrograde it is eight signs away from the last time it was retrograde. This is the number of change and transformation, just as the 8th house indicates, but the most interesting part is that Venus forms a pentagram with five cycles of Venus retrograde.

Here are some very interesting facts about Venus relative to the pentagram:

• Pentagrams are connected to the goddess Venus, and also the planet. This is often attributed to ancient observations; Venus traces an almost perfect pentagram across the night sky every eight years. It is also allied with the Roman Lucifer, as the morning star and as the bringer of knowledge.

• Pythagoreans used the pentagram to symbolize the five elements: Idea, Heat, Air, Earth and Water. The ancient Pythagorean doctrine symbolizes Pentechymos with the symbol, meaning “five-chambered”.

• In Hebrew tradition, the pentagram is ascribed to the truth. This is represented by the star of David.

• The pentagram, as a symbol of fortune, has been found on Egyptian statues and Gaulish coins.

• Tarot cards initially had a suit of coins or discs. These were changed in the 19th century to pentacles when the Tarot became linked with the Kabbalah. They ultimately became the suit of diamonds in prevailing playing cards.

• The pentagram has associations with Freemasonry, and is also used as a symbol by other belief systems.

• Conspiracy theorist say that Washington DC was built on five roads that form a pentagram, but there is no doubt that the Pentagon is a building with 5 sides. This was no accident!

• The inverted Pentagram is considered evil and associated with witchcraft and Satan, but the mystical symbol came about way before this blasphemy of this spiritual and powerful symbol. Maybe inverting it defies its spiritual properties reversing its meanings.

One way or another this 5 pointed star is a powerful indication of Venus and its power for creation and can be used for its highest good. Evil or negative tendencies will always try to take the good and reverse it for their own power. But It was meant to be used for its highest good.

This Venus retrograde precedes the most transformational time of earth! It is indicative of the events to come. It is to bring balance and healing to mankind even though there must be an explosive event to awaken the world. Get ready for greatest Awakening on earth!

According to the planets and stars these Divine forces have many messages for us, if we can learn to read them in the heavens. Astrology gives us this insight, as it is called Jyotish in India means the Science of Light in the ancient Indian Vedas. Astrology is the eyes of the Vedas giving us sight in the darkness or light.

Here is what is coming 2020-2021

Jupiter and Saturn will conjoin in the sign of Sagittarius in 2020, then they will conjoin in Capricorn in 2021. Realize this was exactly where they were in 1960- 1961. Transiting Jupiter and Saturn were conjunct in Sagittarius in 1960, and Capricorn in 1961. There will be very similar events in terms of the political climate and elections as 1960-1961. Think back as to the elections of that era and the second term of Kennedy, and the revolutions of the 60s for they are here to come again.

The Venus cycle now is the indicator of the great evolvement of humanity. The world is so polarized and divided. This involves deep seated issues within the hearts of the angry and disgruntled individuals. Hatred and fanaticism is reflected outward mirroring all the world events. This is surfacing many events that are a part of this awakening.

On a deep metaphysical level this Venus retrograde in Libra will give those who want peace and enlightenment the opportunity to open their hearts. Venus is the planet of Love and so is the sign Libra. Venus is the planet that rules the heart chakra. In Vedic astrology the charkas (energy centers) are ruled by the planets. They are our own solar system within, from the slowest to the fastest moving planets. The slowest (visible) moving planet Saturn is the root chakra, Jupiter is the reproductive charka, Mars is the solar plexus, Venus is the heart, Mercury is the throat, Sun is the 3rd eye and the Moon is the crown chakra.

Here is the MOST IMPORTANT takeaway from all this. This Venus retrograde indicates the most remarkable transformation about to take place on earth. It is about the Healing Power of LOVE. Rahu md Ketu determine where the eclipses fall. They take 18 ½ years to transit all 12 signs. As the eclipses begin to fall in Gemini/Sagittarius a huge event will occur. Be aware Rahu was Gemini and Ketu Sagittarius in 1945, Bombing of Hiroshima, 18 ½ years later 1963, assassination of Kennedy, 18 ½ years later 1982 AIDS virus, 18 ½ years later 2001 September 11th. So by now you must realize that my message is important: Rahu and Ketu (the eclipses) will soon return to Gemini/Sagittarius from March 2019-September 2020.

It is time to come from the heart, we must come together. Separation, anger, and hatred concerning political and religious fanaticism must stop. It is destroying our world. It is not nuclear bombs, it is the hate! But the great healer we have is the power of love. Hatred and resentments originates from the sad fact that people felt unwanted and unloved when they came into this world. From these effects they do not feel worthy of love throughout life, and attract dysfunctional relationships that eventually create more distrust and unconscious behaviors. They are so unhappy within that the only way they can deal with it is to project this hatred outwardly, and it is always reflected back to them . So they blame the world for their unhappiness. This can turn into addictions to numb the pain, or violence and even suicide. The disconnect of social media magnifies this all the more by people feeling alone, which breeds more fear and unresolved emotions.

It has been noted that the happiest cultures, and people who live the longest have a common thread, and that is that they feel a sense of connection and community with others. They feel they have a support system with people who genuinely care and love them.

We need to physically connect and find others who love and care for us, but we must project this as well. If you can’t imagine this, then you don’t feel worthy of love, because you never felt love early in life. This usually concerns a parent, particularly the mother. But this does not have to be this way forever. We must find the unconditional love in life by coming together and giving that which we want. To care for others.

Find a connection with others with like-minded interest. This is the time of a revolution of higher consciousness. This is the plan I have for my Astrological conference and why I am calling it the Future of Astrology. Whatever your thing and interest is in life connect to others physically, not just online. Astrology is my thing, but you need to find the people you want to connect with. I was guided to plan this conference as Venus stations in Libra that week end to inspire the power and healing of unconditional love.

We all have the ability to transform and awaken our lives. But you have to want to let go of the past negative controls.. Choose to change your life, by realizing your choices are what keep you stuck. No more blaming just love and acceptance!

This is an exciting and transformational time to be awakened on planet earth!

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