Sep 5, 2018 | 5. Sep 2018 | ~ Politiet afventer svar om stof fra selvmordsforsøg ~ | (in English:) - A MAJOR major police operation in Viborg in Denmark, has resulted in arrest of a danish man, after a potentially hazardous substance was found .. | Blogger: [⚠️Break of DK-constitution §77 (Ytringsfrihedens úkrænkelighed). A Danish man has been indicted after trying to commit suicide, with Ricin Poisoning⚠️] ... (Acid attack in West London leaves three hospitalized, in Notting Hill, West London & UK is charging two Russian over the poisoning of a former Russian spy this March) ... HOW do other Cabal member states, sent their 'support' to Fake Terror London!? Simple, to stage or simulate a 'similar' event. Denmark has like clockwork after news came out from London, jailed a man, who they BLAME, had access to Ricin, a potent toxin... Sorry to be so conspiratorial, but THAT'S HOW, they operate within 'Operation Gladio' ... |