September 22, 2015

LandaChinaGlobal - Landa, Audio of Conference Call - Sept 21, 2015 CET

Sept 16, 2015

Been tracking them for some time now on my blog, Landa Global normally follow any legal & officiel announcements, close to the (officials) or insiders like Dragon Society (Families) , ZAP Office Of Poofness and similar light forces, however i'm not sure how they operate more precisely. All i understand, they are important ambassadors to Prosperity & humanitarian funds e.g. The Historic Bonds, and will most likely be the organisation (144 women) that are major candidates to be beneficiaries or assisting the actual disbursement of the huge amount of money to any Consortium humanitarian projects in the World. 

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Finansielle Akronymer

September 16, 2015 - Steady Progress - Project Update

Blackouts and electric hearing at the moment. LandaChinaGlobal tried to talk to "The Actual signatories", guy who releases the funds...NO clear dates yet, so much behind the scenes going on...You have to go through the vetting process, then authentication process, a lot of other many steps, before you see money in the end (for you'r approved funding projects) WHEN the dates and funds will be released...  


September 9, 2015 - Steady Progress - Guest Speaker Dr. Mervyn McYearwood, PhD: Doctors Across Borders

September 2, 2015 - Steady Progress - Guest Speaker Kerrie Claire:

August 28, 2015 - Moving Forward - Guest Speaker Lowell Feuer: H2O Tech

August 19, 2015 - Security Issues - Guest Speaker Bob Nalphurs: National Association of Small Farmers

August 12, 2015 - KeyStone Foundation and Bank Status - Guest Speakers Jim Paul and James Melton: Grancrete

August 5, 2015 - New Documentation - Guest Speaker Ron Clark - Nexxus Global Foods (Aquaponics)

Global Updates: Many has come to Landa to provide good projects, within August the formal fundings will begin and primary projects will get on the way. Tremendous tries to identification of technologies that will remediate the time bomb of Fukushima. Identification team has already begun to selections of trust & bond submissions, however since very large quantities of storage assets in bunkers and caves contains massive amount, things takes time...


June 24, 2015 -Conference Update -MP3

RV is coming..... EarthPort ongoing with 23 Ports/Landing Pads & advanced technology has passed for public display, Landa as company exist in 'Denmark', Canada & Arizona. Talking to the Familiy (Dragon?) Bonds Compensations will be on the way - hope is for week 27.

June 17, 2015 - Projects and EarthPort Announce

Denmark a major part of new Humanus Foundation. Activation and Actions will be revealed. New Project Funding Bank. Negotiations on new EarthPort in Denmark - Copenhagen will part of a network with 33 facilities and around the world and Serivce Scandinivian Markets (Nordic Center and Headquaters)...... Advanced new transportations crafts network, International Power Of Business, Education and Government. EarthPorts (first initiatives $108 million, 2nd $1 billions)...


Denmark a major part of new Humanus Foundation Headquarters! 

NOTE: In Addition to The restored Republic, Mass Arrests, NESARA,etcs, Redemption ofBonds(Historical), Dinar, ,Zim$ and Dong Redemption Are Being Disccussed From around 103:00 Minute.

Intelligence brief: (May 13, 2015 - Pre-Release)

- Redemptions process is moving forward. Official release will be May 17/18 very prodomint on landscape - MAJOR EVENTS to onfold.
- Corrupt corporations and arrests is comming to a close. Funds to be release and process started. China & European Royals would not begind this process until the corruptions was taken out of the way.
Global operations based on Denmark for humanus beginings very quickly and very WELL. Official website in a few days and office space for humanus headquarters has been choiced for suitable location and several buildings in Denmark. Landa will also have a very clear presence in europe on this one. Funding on humanus is well under way, er have been adviced another major global foundation organisation is supporting our projetcs in a very large way. 
- The Funds allocated for humanus projects is well under the B-rings and we will work very close to european government, especially home of Denmark. Have these funds accepted into these respected banking systems not to overload these systems. Looking forward to project sites next week. 
- New US republic - the seeding of the new government is complete. China is back on the table to make arrangements.....