Aug 31, 2022

๐Ÿคฌ๐ŸŽฌ✂️ ~ (AI Hologram, Deepfake, CGI, VaxKillSh0ts, EatBugs, e-Cars & World Affairs) FUTURE'S NOW (TheCrowHouse) ~ | Blogger: A guy in a shed changing the world as we know it??... I got really tired of Max Igan's bad-mouth, profanity and swearing against any govt entity during the "killings of people" 2020 Coronacrisis. However, after he was "forced" out of Australia and into Mexico with a lot of help from "supporters" he's getting better. Just to be clear, SoTW, do understand his anger and how he feels, but scream and shout, will not help. Especially, brings people's anger out and his supporters, to do violent things and turn them into "Agent Provocateurs.". Max has been in the "truth"-movement much longer than me on SoTW, but he's sometimes missing the spirituality-through-mindfulness and has too-much end-of-the-world and trigger-happy-gung-ho, mentality... |


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