Aug 31, 2022

🎴🔮💖 ~ ('Kerry Cassidy Project Camelot biggest downers energetically lack of self-love.') Janine Morigeau's iphone (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: I cant' find this podcast on her website and library... "Janine only needs to watch videos with 'loving energy' from people", and apparently, Kerry Cassidy, is not it. Amen to that, Janine, but, I thought, you wouldn't get "personally"?. Never mind that. I love them both - Janine and Kerry - the same (I'll meet Kerry in London Awake & Aware). Janine also touches on the energy from Flynn that was Trump's first national security adviser. According to the tarotcards - the original General "Flynn" was taken out and the person playing "Flynn" is a good guy (we all know about the controversy with Simon Parkes / Charlie ward vs. Janine / Jean Claude on that subject). And pharmaceutical companies + Trump-movement + Canadian govt has been surrendered and more... O-M-G! Janine has 18.000 subscribers (revealed at 48.27 minute marker) membership $4.99/month = $90.000 /month (667.116 DKK). Jesus Christ - good for Janine. With his "guy"-gone and living in Canada (no taxes?) - that's' some crazy earnings for shuffle & pull tarot cards a few times per week (plus other earnings) ... Waaaauv... Aaaand now, to something, that Janine mentions - interview with Mark Attwood which SoTW, also love... They talk about so many things that involved Johnny Rotten, JFK, Lady Di and the truth-movement etc. etc... |

"God save the Queen. The Fascist regime. She ain't no HUman being." 

(t-shirt) - hear hear! 

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