Aug 29, 2022

πŸš€πŸš¦πŸŽŒ ~ (Two steps step back. Does anyone see a pattern here?) Apollo-2-Artemis' Twin Sister - 50 Years Of Rockets And Rituals. Greek Goddess of the Hunt and Moon - Stepping Stone 2 Mars (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: ⚠️NASA HAS CANCELLED - over engine bleed malfunction⚠️... N.A.S.A. or (NASA lies, NAZI, SAtAN) and their CGI that has drastically improved over the years, they don't even need to waste money on building the rockets when they can create everything via computer... Sooo... the Artemis program will pick up where the famed Apollo program left off?? - returning HUmans to the Artificial moon aKa The Hollow Moon hypothesis aKa Spaceship Moon, including landing the first woman (#Me-too) and the first (LGBT+ gender)person of color at the lunar south pole, and preparing for HUman exploration of Mars and beyond - Re-he-he-heally?... For 80 yrs or so, antigravity propulsion systems and free energy systems has been the backbone of the SSP and Nazi hidden occult societies in Germany... To this day, i'm stumped that Hollywood and CIA (DARPA) create movies like, 'Ad Astra', (shitty movie sorry) that paints a dysfunctional and dark emotional stressful picture of how to "SURVIVE" in SPACE. YES, the movie 'Ad Astra', a great gloriously surreal space epic in regards to a turgid, generic father / son drama, but do you REALLY think, if "they" actually has an entire Solar Warden Armada (an ultra-secret project that maintains a fleet of spaceships that are operating primarily within Earth's Orbit and around our solar system), that they would still use traditional SpaceX rockets, like they do in this movie and survive years of emptiness in dark deep space? Nooo... |

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