Aug 30, 2022

πŸ›©️πŸ›°️🌑️⛈️ ~ ('It's been manipulated - takes a lot for me to say that - weather does not look normal.' ~ BP) Mon. Aug. 29th/17th Anniversary of Katrina. Tropical Update (The Real BPEarthWatch) ~ | Blogger: [🀜FLOOD-the-D.U.M.Bs?πŸ€›] ... POLL: Do you believe Hurricane Katrina was a purely natural disaster or do you think it was an "inside job" on some level (e.g. HAARP, eugenics-style racial attack, blowing up levees or general weather modification)?... SoTW is no nutcase - a bonafide lunatic crazy-cat I gotta put on my tin foil. I do my investigation... Everything from the Haiti earthquake to Hurricane Katrina was blamed on HAARP's dark weather-manipulated powers. People swore that the Alaskan antenna array (+ Norway and others) was controlling their minds. A Russian military journal warned that blasting the ionosphere would cause the planet to "capsize.".... What SoTW is saying, the govt and military entities has tried to control the weather since the 1800s. "Cloud seeding" is the least of our worries... Aaaand all we hear is, people, are lining up for days to buy hybrid diesel generator, coal, wind and solar power energy, ahead of "Cold Winter" agenda because they feel what is coming from the fear-mongering media and GREAT RESET-Cabals... Who controls the weather in 2022? 80-90% White Hats- rest is Black Hats??... |

Se videoerne: Kraftigt uvejr over Danmark druknede by og lukkede hovedvej - TV 2

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