May 30, 2022

❌👑🐸 ~ (For the Love of the Royal Family or Planetary Liberation!) Nation's comforter-in-chief? Queen owns every dolphin, whales in British waters, survived an assassination attempt, known as "Mama belong big family" in Papua New Guinea. (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: DID YOU KNOW, that there's 6 billion acres Crown Estate owned by 'Lilibet'??... The inner circle of the Committee of 300 is the Order of the Garter, headed by Queen Elizabeth Windsor II (link)... As SoTW have stated, when, Queen is announced dead, DDFO-Daisy, will be the new head of Committee of 300. That's a big if, since the Kingdom- and Monarchy of Denmark, might not have the juice, to pull off this kind of stunt, after all.. As Tarot by Janine has stated, WH's has been working on Denmark and Greenland, for years and years, to take down the evil Moloch-Bunch... Megan Rose, is saying, that dark technology from the underground of England, connected to the Reptilian Empire, has been dismantled and recovered information imperative to dismantling more of the cabal underneath Australia, if you believe in that sought of thing... For the sake of argument, let's say, the Platinum Jubilee, will be the Queen's final run officially. Even though, she's rumored dead, for 2 years now, after Trump and TheWhiteHats, liberated UK Monarchy and Buckingham Palace (Buckingham Palace boarded up)... [READ MORE]... |

PS: You have to understand, SoTW have NOTHING against any Royal member of any Monarchies (the oldest form of government in the United Kingdom). 
I really, really just (hate) being lied to. 
Think about it. 
The 2 of world's most powerful monarchies are Denmark and England. 
Denmark has ruled in 1000 yrs. Christian IX (and other kings) part of building Freemasonry in Denmark and the Grand Lodges of Danish cities. 
My claim is, the political-elite-families and CEO's of biggest corporations in Denmark are all, part of freemasonry and close friends to the Monarchy. 
Greenland and a unnamed specific Hotel, has been their playground hub of sexparties, underground Adrenochrome-factory and human trafficking etc. etc. - but I cannot prove that. Only thing is that the "cleaning-people" has talked about how disgusting it was, to (mop) after these events, took place. 
Today, their rituals and secret and ruling, are the most protected, even bigger than, the crown jewels at Rosenborg. 
Buuutt, last Friday, a journalist told us Danes, that 82% backs H.K.H. The Crown Prince, as the coming King. 
It's gonna be devastating for people, (and gay-community) when the truth, comes out. 
It's gonna be even more unfathomable to most, some of the Royal members, was once, born-baby-boys and converted until girls... 
We have been taught since every single child could talk, that the Monarchy, was the best thing that could ever happen, to Denmark, England and the world... | 

Platinum Jubilee: Why does the Queen own every dolphin in British waters? Everything you didn't know about the longest serving monarch | UK News | Sky News
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Committee of 300 | The One Hundredth Monkey (

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