May 30, 2022

✨ ~ 💓 ('Uvalde Texas FF inside job caused by DS. Hitlery Clinton exposed in media & Dark Ones are having a fit!.' ~ Nyla) BIG TECHS LOSING REVENUE, J. DORSEY LEAVES TWITTER BOARD, COLLAPSE OF MATRIX, BIOMETRICS COMING (3D to 5D Consciousness) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [🤜SoTW H-S (Higher Self) has said; ❌June Queen-Lizzie will be announced DEAD!!. ❌July Joe Biden is a GONER! Pope Francis Sept/October 2022. All predicted 2 weeks ago helped by my holistic ND🤛] ... ❤️‍🔥Finally some good f*cking news as Gordon Ramsay, used to say... (SoTW outside Nyla's report) 🤗 MORE proof that NWO Illuminati Cult staged the False Flag shooting (Uvalde, TX). Guns aren’t the problem. All these shootings happen when bombshells are starting to drop in Durham’s investigation and election fraud raids are starting in AZ, right? Right? (Jordan Sather - substack)... 🤗 The One World Government finalizes their plans in Switzerland as Monkeypox appears on cue ( - buuutt, (SoTW comment) it will never-ever go viral around the globe again and leave people paralyzed. Why? COVID-19 in 45 countries and counting - Corona - DO NOT EXIST anymore and is out-not-in people's short-term memory and no new ScamDemic, will change that. Monkey Business, 'Super colds' - from Mad cow disease to Bird Flu - whatever they create of Hoaxes, people has been awaken and had ENOUGH!... 🤗 (hallelujah brother) The Universe was asked if the upcoming Jubilee was part of a "legacy agreement" and if there would be a London Bridge event within 30 days of the Jubilee's conclusion (Laura's View and Tarot, Too)... 🤗Simon Parkes latest update states very clearly, that Joe Biden, will have a "stroke" or something similar to indicate, a new (president) will be reinstated as president (perhaps not Trump)...🤗At the same time 20th of May, 2022, Simon, Phil, Charlie leaves for a (break), Janine and Ashley, was told months ago, to travel to Isle Of Wight - coincidence? I don't believe in coincidences... 🤗Megan Rose: "England - being the capital - Australia - being the cabal army underneath. It's important to DISABLE the army, before disable the QUEEN etc.... 🤗(we are NOT alone) The German Tim Tactical Advisor and Emery Smith talks about Grey Aliens KGB leak (Skinny Bob) in the video "Greys & EBENs: Friends or Foes?"... 🤗 3rd Mission to Atlantic Space Ark – JP Update (SoTW - what would you do, if Ancient space arks was levitation up into the air, many places around the world like " District 9" or "independence day"???)... |


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