May 4, 2022

🎴👑😮 ~ (The Moloch Bunch: Horrific and shocking dark tarot reading about Denmark's royals, hunting parties, Maersk/Evergreen Line & secret cult vaca Greenland with Adrenochrome) TAROT BY JANINE LOOKS DEEP INTO DENMARK 🇩🇰 DEEP STATE/ DARK CULT TIES? ~ | Blogger:... 🧷As you have already noticed, are not involved in any way, shape, or form with hatrism, politics, lluminati, NWO, crazy tinfoil hat and providing plots for hit TV shows and dark material for online chatrooms, conspiracy theories and alike... 🏩This is a place for love, happiness and harmony to all of us... 🤔That said, frankly, i'm also a Spiritual Light Warrior to wake up the sleeping populace and you cannot do that, with only presenting my readers holding hands around the campfire, singing Kumbaya and getting the joy joy joy down in your spiritual beating heart!!... 💭I know what you're thinking - it's too darn easy sitting on (my) spiritual keister and post anonymously, day after day, on a blog, without conveying its messages through an open forum, on youtube or holding seminars, like Anthony Robbins, awaken the inner giant in others... 👤 It's easier said than done when you are a private person facing loneliness on the spiritual path and a minority in a society that does not praise (deep) spirituality, openness, living the art and virtue of defenselessness... 🙅‍♂️In a dysfunctional society, which knowingly rejects the existence of our extraterrestrial ancestors and fact-truth-giving conspiracies...🤟Don't forget that we all hold the truth inside, recovering empath lovely sensitive, introverted or extroverted, but not ego-narcissistic...😮 do (sometimes) publish blogposts about things that our "deep (dark) state" really hates. Themes and Topics may appear 'negative' but are just a deep basic understanding of fact giving - in our 3-D Matrix of Illusion, that we all live in. The question that you probably have to ask yourself is: What is fake news, alternative facts, source criticism, post-factual, lies and rumors?. YOU, can only hold the truth of that, be the judge, jury and executioner... |

O-M-G!... THATS IMPOSSIBLE!... All men? was Janine 100% correct  about Denmark-Daisy? ... I'm getting sick!... My head is spinning like a screw!... I recall, that Kent Dunn told us, that JFK (was) once female and XtremeRealityCheck, says, Lady Di (was) once male (trans)... (Obama called Michelle for "Michael"(transgender) + President Reagan called Princess Diana, for "David" (Elton Johns boy-toy David Furnish) ...  

 [👉DISCLAIMER: Please - I don't want you guys to burn down my house, or Janine's for that matter, but it makes more sense to me now about my nurse mom told me about gay, Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark and how they put a gag order on him and how he died. SoTW knows the lay of the land and generally doesn't get lost or sidetracked, but this is a stunner! Royalists and parliamentarians, watch out! Truth or no truth, this short video might be plutonium to the 'liar paradox' or adding fuel to the fire of truthseeker paradise! I'm not gonna judge👈] 




"In the past, The Danish Monarch, was a deep state cult, a stronghold, fighting NOT to be taking down. In particular Queen Margrethe II is fighting to have her "lifestyle" and it's gonna take some time, before it could be cleaned out by white hats but will be brought to justice - within 6 months it looks like from the cards. There's is a lot of children taking out of there, a lot of it is happening underground, as Janine can see. There might be human hunting parties and the land should be taken away from them if their land is used for that purpose. This Queen is born a male and that is a big sign of cult families and it goes back many satanic cult generations. The White Hats are here in Denmark to infiltrate, but it's a big big mess and it took them awhile to get there! The Royal family is really hanging on to their "lifestyle" - their "reality"  and considers us danes as cattle! There's a battle between the Good guys and Bad guys control, and the Good guys still have a  ALOT of work to do there!" ~ Janine

PS: the 6 months has passed now... 

PSS: Danish: [mɑˈkʁeˀtə]; Margrethe Alexandrine Þórhildur Ingrid, born 16 April 1940) is Queen of Denmark and commander-in-chief of the Danish Defence and member of Committee of 300 and so is Anders 'Fog of War' Rasmussen... 

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