Sep 16, 2019

💣 ~ Several Researchers Are Reaching the Same Conclusions Regarding the Future of Humanity (thecommonsenseshow) ~ | Blogger: [🖤GenSix “True Legends” Survivalism : Black Survivalists Prepping For Disaster?🏴] ... Yes! A dark agenda indeed, but George Knapp, Steve Quayle, Chase Kloetzke, Michael Schratt, Mike Adams, Timothy Alberino and more, could be on to something, especially about GMO's and the destruction of our collective DNA, Vaccines, Chemtrails, blocking the sun and not to forget, the implementation of 5G: 'that is so severe that humanity will not survive' (so they claim)... But, but but.. Don't get discouraged... Pain is part of growth, so don’t get discouraged. Keep moving forward and know that better days are coming! 😊... Light conveys both an absence of darkness and a quality that will help us to see - and understand - more clearly. The light of wisdom will guide us through troubled times and challenges🙇🕯️.... |

Rare public appearance: Mike Adams to be keynote speaker at upcoming GenSix “True Legends” conference in Branson, Missouri, with a final warning for humanity

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