Sep 16, 2019

📰 ~ Here's the Danish MSM biggest news you missed this weekend (verdensalt) ~ | Blogger: [✊() = commentary from SOTW 👉] ... ❌ Associate Professor of Carlsberg beer case: Bribery is usually in India, but Maersk, Conglomerate company, does it (every day). - " The rules are very clear - under the Danish Criminal Code, active and passive bribery in the public sector (foreign and domestic) is sanctioned by a fine or imprisonment for a term not exceeding six years"⟴ ... ❌ Denmark’s new government raises climate change to highest priority and danish businesses helps out; The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI), wish to cut CO2 emissions while creating 120,000 jobs (but is that even human possible and who's gonna pay for it? Is it a scam made up by Martin Rossen and his associates, like Brian Mikkelsen, CEO of the Danish Chamber of Commerce and former minister - most powerful man in The Kingdom of Denmark?) ⟴ ... ❌ Where in the World Is Denmark's $2 Billion? From 12,7bn danish kroner to 13,7bn (DKK). Dividend tax case grows by up to a billion kroner, a new report show there have been extensive errors in the banking system that Nordea Bank Abp. Danske Bank A/S and Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB, abbreviated SEB, have been responsible for (Biggest laundering case in DK's history, and still, NONE of the banksters, has gone to jail or even indicted in any way, shape, or form) ⟴ ... ❌ When the Swedish Crown Princess Couple visiting Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark and future King, it's not a state visit, but a business promotion (as always), but where is Margrethe II of Denmark? And why is it a SECRET, she's on a 'strictly confidential (private) trip to a foreign country? (Is the Queen of Denmark on a secret Business promotion in Saudi Arabia, to make deals after drones attacked the world’s largest oil refinery? And why are my own dad still believing it was Yemen’s Iran-allied Houthi rebels and therefore, Iran? And why is Trump waiting to hear from Riyadh on oil attack culprit, US ‘locked & loaded’ to respond? Pre-emptive war? All WARS started due to power-struggle, money and oil) ⟴ ... |

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