Sep 16, 2019

๐Ÿ‘ผ ~ ๐Ÿ’— Kp Message 9-15-19 (1:11 AM)… “New Beginnings require releasing the old paradigms” (as “nice” as they may seem) ๐Ÿ’• ~ | Blogger: [Yes siree! Like verdensalt already stated, i've been struggling with emotional numbness lately]... How Kauilapele’s Blog is describing is more or less, what I feel, too... and why I feel the urge to clean out everything here and move things out... to be free to a next step and next phase of our spiritual development... A paradigm shift doesn’t just automatically move us to experiencing something in a completely new way. There is usually a level of consciousness we have to employ to help move us into our new experience that’s in line with our new paradigm... |

That’s exactly what I’ve been experiencing today.

I know some type of move is coming up, and I’ve been going through one bit of my living place after another all yesterday and all day today, and sorting, releasing, giving away. Yes, it’s possible that a “move” might be something other than what I’m preparing for, but I’m going forward with the “clear out” nonetheless.

This is a closing out, of sorts, and a completion. Another 9-9 is upcoming (on 9-18-19, as I mentioned here), and another on 9-27. I feel these are significant dates for not only my own situation, but also for the planetary outworkings.

Emotionally, part of the day has involved periods of all out crying, as I’ve had to chase away a cat that has been coming over to my house, and occasionally trying to come in. I have a water sprayer that I use. But to hear it crying, and then to go and chase it away, just tears at my emotions, big time (I believe the cat has a home, as it appears pretty healthy, but it’s been out during late evening and sometimes early AM). I’ve communicated with it telepathically and verbally, and told it that it could always get food at the big house next to mine.

Being so closely connected with the felines is not always easy for myself. Maybe this is a preparation, of sorts, for when I’ll be parting company with Mira (the Pleiadean kitty). We’ve been together on the same property for almost 6 years, the last 3, quite closely.

There are major changes coming forth, and processing through all of humanity at this time. I do believe (and deeply sense) that many are being prepared to relocate to their new Light Work portals (homes) for the next phase of this planet’s Ascension process. There is more to do, I feel, and we will each be guided to where we are most needed, and be of maximum service to humanity.

Aloha, Kp

PS: I’ll likely be putting out less “news” items (unless strongly guided to), as the energies of “completion and movement” are pretty up front right now.


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