Sep 16, 2019

🤥 ~ Belgium’s EU Commission nominee under investigation for money laundering (RT) ~ | Blogger: [💶Just like former EU chief Juncker, who denies involvement in Luxembourg tax deals and BoJo with Juncker meet and oil prices rise💸] ... Former Malaysian PM Najib Razak in court for alleged multibillion-dollar fraud involving a government fund, but Margrethe Vestager, the high-flying Danish politician who has taken on Apple, Amazon and Google, will stay in charge of Europe’s comp- etition rules and take charge of EU digital policy, but NEVER EVER, looks into the DIRTY DOZEN of EU politicians like Didier Reynders, Juncker or DF MEP, Morten Messerschmidt, with European anti-fraud office OLAF has been running an ongoing investigation into the way money has been spent by the Movement for a Europe of Liberties and Democracy (MELD) and its affiliated foundation FELD... |

“I swear by these, my three fingers, to tell the truth, the whole truth….”
The man nominated to become the EU’s next justice commissioner, Belgium’s Didier Reynders, is being investigated for alleged corruption and money laundering in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

LUXEMBOURG TAX EVASION: Jean-Claude Juncker disappears up his bottom line

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