Sep 6, 2019

๐Ÿ†˜ ~ OFFICIAL: PREPARE FOR HUGE DEATH TOLL IN BAHAMAS - Dead bodies in the streets, in the churches, everywhere . . . (HalTurnerRadioShow) ~ | Blogger: [๐Ÿ’President Trump has promised to help the Bahamas recover from Hurricane Dorian, but worries about China stepping in to help! Why? Help is help buddy - make it so. Full Speed ahead, Captain!๐Ÿš„} ... Use your own spiritual discernment... HOWEVER, the lesson here is, that NOTHING, is (ever) what it seems and inside the CIA Operation Mockingbird - Ministry of Propaganda, the death count will properly be downplayed by the mainstream media... |

The Bahamas death toll from Hurricane Dorian is likely to soar, the health minister warns. “The public need to prepare for unimaginable information about the death toll and the human suffering," Dr. Duane Sands said.

“It’s going to be huge," Bahamas health minister Dr. Duane Sands said of the death toll after Hurricane Dorian.

“We have four morticians in Abaco embalming because we have run out of coolers. (to store dead bodies)”

“Literally hundreds, up to thousands of people are still missing," said Joy Jibrilu, director general of the Bahamas' Ministry of Tourism.

Adrian Farrington, a 38-year-old Abaco father, watched a powerful storm surge swallow his young son.

While sitting on a gurney in a room at Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) in Nassau yesterday, Farrington, a resident of Murphy Town, told The Nassau Guardian, “My leg was numb, but I was still trying to stay afloat with my son. After about an hour of treading water and bleeding, I noticed…some fins swimming along the houses.

“So, I grabbed my son and I put him on top the roof. The water was high on the roof.”

Farrington said his son, Adrian Farrington Jr., 5, kept crying.

“I keep telling him, ‘Don’t cry. Close your month. Don’t cry. Keep breathing. Don’t cry. Close your mouth,’” he said.

Farrington said the water was “so high I could’ve taken my elbow and I could’ve put it on the roof to get up on the roof”.

“But before I could sit on the roof to hold him, the gust from the hurricane dragged him across the roof back into the surge on the next side,” he said.

Farrington added, “I still could remember him reaching for me and calling me, ‘Daddy.’”

He said he pushed debris aside and rushed to get to the other side where his son had fallen.

However, Farrington said he could not see anything when he went underwater.

“I was like feeling to see if I could feel some kind of cloth, some kind of clothes, some kind of skin, flesh, tennis, something,” he said while fighting back tears.

One resident of Abaco who is still there gives this report. - "Plenty of deaths," "Unreal," "Dead bodies in the streets, in the churches, everywhere," "People going crazy," "Rationing of food and water."

There are so many dead bodies, they have resorted to throwing them on flatbed trucks, out in the open, to haul them away (as seen in photo above.)


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