Sep 6, 2019

๐Ÿค” ~ Strange Things Are Happening on Epstein Island: Drone Footage (VC) ~ | Blogger: PS: Is it by luck, Hurricane Dorian spares Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘pedophile island’? (You Are Free TV) is asking: "While Hurricane Dorian hits North Carolina, did DEAD SHOT hit Abaco intentionally as a China submarine Port? Is there a relation to New Atlantis, Epstein & a break-away civ? Meanwhile, HARPA is pushed forward from the Pentagon to normalize digital red flag surveillance.."... |

Recent drone footage of Little Saint James reveals strange activity and telling facts about the Jeffrey Epstein investigation since his death. As expected, everything points towards a massive cover-up. Here are the most revealing images captured by drones in the past weeks

Ever since Jeffrey Epstein’s highly suspicious death in a maximum-security prison, things only got more suspicious. Although the autopsy officially concluded that the cause of death was suicide, a steady flow of facts and revelations are strongly hinting towards a massive cover-up.

First, it was recently revealed that two cameras filming the jail cell of Jeffrey Epstein at the time of his death were “broken” and the recordings were deemed “unusable” by authorities. Second, two guards allegedly “slept through” scheduled checks on Epstein and falsified records. Third, Frenchman Jean-Luc Brunel, the model mogul suspected of being a Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking pipeline in Paris, “has disappeared like a ghost without a trace”.

While mass media has been carefully filtering some of this information while ignoring other facts, the Rusty Shackleford YouTube channel has been providing a raw, unfiltered source of information by posting, on a regular basis, drone footage of Epstein Island and its surroundings.

The footage captured in the past weeks reveals that there are strange things happening on the island. Here are some examples.

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