Sep 6, 2019

9️⃣1️⃣1️⃣ ~ NEO: Nuclear 9/11 can no longer be ignored – It is killing us all (VT) ~ | Blogger: [🔓"Within 10 minutes of posting, Google Corporation shut down the counter on this article" ~ VT🔐] ... Excerpts: ".. By now, the general public around the world should know that official investigations, be they blaming Russia for MH 17 or gas attacks in Syria or the Skripal “poisoning” or so many other stories, are simply made up. All official investigations are fake. The most fake investigation in history, and there are hundreds of fake investigations that are now taught as “history,” is 9/11. First of all, here’s what happened that makes this important to readers now. A German physicist with no access to US media, call it language barrier, laziness or hyper-focus that scientists have, did a study on the events of 9/11. He built on work done by French physicist Francois Roby and a US activist with a strong science background named Jeff Prager. Pommer published a first version of his findings, that the World Trade Center was destroyed by nuclear weapons placed under the structures, in 2017. What we all know is that 9/11 changed everything, war after war, millions dead; but what many don’t realize is that it opened the door to a new level of lying. In today’s world, Iran can have a nuclear weapons program when no evidence supports it and all real evidence supports the contrary. Any nation that fails to submit, and we will probably never know who is really in control, and we are talking Venezuela for one, can be subjected to “shock and awe” because its leaders will, according to the fake mainstream media, start “killing their own people” or using some type of prohibited weapon. Only ending the 9/11 lies can challenge the deluge of deceit that is killing us all..".. 🏆 PS: Some, might also recall, that BBC (who reports 911, WTC 7 Collapse 23 Minutes BEFORE it Happen) scensors Dr Niels Harrit, Danish scientist who found unexploded nano-thermite high explosive in all samples of the World Trade Center (WTC) dust examined... |

According to the real study of 9/11, specialized nuclear weapons designed to destroy metal were built, weapons that not only rendered hundreds of thousands of tons of steel into dust but also destroyed automobiles over a mile away, while flammables such as paper nearby remained untouched.

..(..). OK, here is what is most important. The results of the 2014 investigation or rather the documents we received of what we later learned was a 2003 DOE investigation of 9/11 that was suppressed, were identical to the results Heinz Pommer came to years later with no access to our data.

This is called “a confirmation.” This means, yes, it’s all true — America was “nuked” on 9/11. It also means that there were radiation victims and that the US government covered it up, that first responders who died by the thousands were given improper medical treatment to cover up a massive crime, just like the Syria gassings, like MH17 and, just perhaps, other incidents, maybe even mass shootings, that might just as well be staged..(...)... 

BBC Reports 911, WTC 7 Collapse BEFORE it Happens

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