Sep 6, 2019

⚔️ ~ Danmark vil udsende mange hundrede til fire nye militærbidrag (TV2 FNYS NEWS) | Blogger: [🤯O-M-G! WAR PROFITEERING -- Denmark & The Communist Party Goes To War : 'Victory' Over ISIS Theme. The U.S. Wars In Iraq and Afghani- stan. A More Aggressive Russia. Artic Cold War. Africa & Illegal Migrant Flows. Support To U.S. Carrier Strike Group💣] ... {Thanks to Trump!? World's smallest country will deliver : "Four new initiatives -- These include a combat battalion with approximately 700 people, a larger warship with approximately 170 people and four fighter aircraft, with support personnel. Transport helicopters. UN peace- keeping mission in Mali. Staff officers are to be sent to the French-led Operation Barkhane in the Sahel region. Naval contribution to an international maritime effort with European anchorage in the Strait of Hormuz. etc. etc.} ... PS: IS 'caliphate' defeated but jihadist group-cells remains a threat? Whaaat!? HOW can that be?... 🙈 Evidence shows, that ISIS is a US/Israeli Proxy Army -- Additional sources about US indirect and direct support for ISIS and affiliates. “We Helped Build ISIS” –Admits retired Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney. The clandestine operations that the US started engaging in after ~2005 in Syria, Lebanon, and Libya alongside Sunni militants arguably had a huge role to play in the rise of ISIS; just as much of a role as the devastation of Iraq did (the biggest and most comprehensive mind-blowing and believable explanation, that exist - links below)... |

Evidence that ISIS is a US/Israeli Proxy Army

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