Jun 4, 2018

The Common Sense Show | June 4, 2018 | ~ Busted: Major Tucson Trafficking Camp-Ties to Clinton Foundation, Cartels and Ex-President of Mexico’s Son ~ | .. (EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT’) - Word is spreading like wildire across Arizona. I have about 20 emails advising me of sex trafficking camps being discovered in the Tucson area along the I-19 corridor and Valencia. The MSM is totally ignoring the story, despite overwhelming evidence to substantiate the claims and the Independent is still largely unaware of this heinous discovery in Southern Arizona. The following is a typical email of what I am receiving .. |

The most despicable crime on the face of the earth is child sex trafficking and the global elite are involved in controlling the industry in every country. This is a byproduct of Agenda 21. This report is not for everyone to view. It is horrific, particularily the 10 minutes of video that you will be referred to.
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