May 02, 2018

The Common Sense Show | by Dave Hodges | ~ Texas Ranger Warns of MS-13 and ISIS Beheadings, Murdering Entire Police Departments, Widespread Terrorism (5 min VIDEO) ~ | Blogger: THIS IS VERY DISTURBING - IF TRUE... Total line of duty deaths of Police officers: 48.. TWO police officers has recently been shot and killed in a restaurant in Florida in what officials believe was an “ambush attack.”.. And, Emery Smith (David Wilcock) was telling us about he was attacked recently and they killed his dog... David: "Alliance insiders told us it was far too dangerous to stay in California. There were too many operatives on call in the area for these sorts of “dirty tricks.” This includes people from the MS-13 Mexican gangs, which have been secretly colluding with the Deep State for years now".. |

Texas Rangers preparing for ISIS and MS-13 assassinations and terrorism following their incursions. The major worry of my four -year source from inside the agency relates to the takeover of small and mid-size town/city police and/or sheriff departments where the entire force will be executed or blown up by suicide bombers. I have been told that both direct attacks and suicide attacks are planned from what they have learned from their intelligence. Four years ago, Judicial Watch published a document that revealeded that ISIS was cohabitating 8 miles from El Paso, Texas and they had discovered a series of soft targets inside of the United States from seized documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, including but not limited to New Mexico State Universiity. While the world watches the border jumpers near San Diego, hard core terrorists have been apprehended coming across the Texas and the New Mexico border in this latest slight of hand trick. In Phoenix, police departments have been told to coverup beheadings as they hide these events from the media, and there have been some and many more are expected. This speaks to the ISIS influence that is flooding across our border. Here is the story of the intel I am getting from a high-ranking Texas Ranger.

In a previous letter, this same Texas Ranger, who has maintained sporadic communication with me over the past 4 years, indicates his growing concerns of an imminent attack. Here is a brief excerpt of what he is concerned about in the present time:

We expecting an attack on more than one Texas city or town by MS-13 and ISIS and/or any of their partners. I believe the information to be accurate.

I asked this source if this threat was widely known. He responded that the MS-13 threat against police officer lives has gone viral in the mainstream media. He also said that some of the planning for this eventuality was held closely to the vest and was disguised as drug interdiction to keep Texas agencies, or DHS sleeper agents inside of the Texas Rangers from penetrating their inner circle. He laughed and said that Trump was not the only one that faced unknown Deep State threats. He went on to tell me that, going back 4 years, that Obama’s DHS was facilitating the implantation of MS-13 into the United States. I have learned the same from two Border Patrol agents and have published these accounts on The Common Sense Show. I am uncertain as to the status of DHS with regard to this scenario under the Trump administration. How much does the Deep State still control in this agency? I am not certain and I don’t think that President Trump knows the answer to that question either.

The End Game

I have maintained that total chaos is coming and this could trigger UN intervention under the Kigali Principles signed by Obama and the UN before Obama left office. This allows the UN, under their authority to enter the country without permission to “restore order”. In my opinion, it is a thinly veiled excuse for the UN to takeover the United States. It could also be the catalyst for civil war because much of the American military will not go along with the plan.

Here is a video summary of the updated message from this Texas Ranger as to the dangers posed by this scenario that is being covertly rehearsed by the Texas Rangers and several law enforcement agencies in the Southwest.