May 02, 2018

SkyWatchTV \\ TechnologyNetworks | May 1, 2018 | ~ CRISPR Technology Set To Revolutionize Production OF TRANSGENIC “NEPHILIM” ANIMALS ~ |

The technique uses “Easi-CRISPR” technology, another invention of Dr. Ohtsuka. CRISPR, the widely used gene editing technique, can alter target genes at a location of the user’s choice. Previous attempts to utilize CRISPR in transgenic experiments have run into problems, says Dr. Channabasavaiah Gurumurthy, Associate Professor at the University of Nebraska and the co-inventor of Easi-CRISPR. “The previously tried CRISPR methods, which used double-stranded DNA donor cassettes, did not achieve the required level of cassette insertion – they are successful only ~1% to 10% of the time. The single-stranded DNA donor format in Easi-CRISPR overcomes this hurdle and achieves insertion efficiency as high as 100% in some cases.” (READ MORE)