Nov 15, 2017

OOM2 \\ The Daily Sheeple | Nov 13, 2017 | Video Proof: There Were At Least 7 Different Shooters During The Las Vegas Massacre | .. While over 40 minutes long, I encourage you to watch the entire report .. | Blogger: Latest intel -- Footage of Helicopter Firing at Crowd in Las Vegas🔫-- An interesting convesation with my Friend -- it's actually ""really"" hard to discuss US false flag events with danish people.. U.S. is still the most populous incorporated will known and visited place of the world, e.g. almost 'everyone' in the Eastern and Western Hemispheres have heard or knows about the concept 'Las Vegas' (vibrant nightlife, centered around 24-hour casinos and other entertainment options). The lucky ones who's been visiting U.S., understand, that America, consist of a multinational society, cultural diversity, a huge chunk of independent part of the material and complex world. The rest of the world may think Americans eat a lot of burgers, have huge shopping malls and are ruled by an arrogant government. That's perhaps also true, how do you get into the gutter of following the many, many events of falsehood and deceit, when you're NOT an american and understanding the living conditions and citizenship etc.. That's really hard.. Like the rest of the world's FF Ops, people living/are centered around the events has a better concept of what's going on, but we all need to be struck by lightning, in order to wake up from our dormant interfaces, because we've been so mind controlled for hundreds of years, we only see the world in 3D colors, never asking questions and inform ourselves.. So when i talked about FF Ops during pizza time yesterday, we discussed, the Danish submarine & rocket builder accused of murdering, decapitated, sexual experimenting in fetish groups, knife stabbing, of swedish journalist Kim Wall (sorry about the cruelness and deadly tormenting). That's local stuff, people have meet Rocket-Madsen before, seen his videos about sending a rocket into space, showed allied solidarity, understands his mood swings, aggressiveness, arrogance, strucle to support himself by local sponsors, but he's also good hearted person, encourage people to engaging into work, they live and die for etc. - It's personally, it's local, it's in our neighbourhood, community and then he ruthlessly, brutally, done a gruesome and disturbing murdered of a young innocent woman. Nobody understand him anymore and want him crucified and locked up for ever.. All i'm saying is, we're all innocent till proven guilty, but, we need to accept in our naivety and delusion, somewhere out there, a hand full of powerful people runs the world and they are evil minded, satanic, non-emotional, greedy and corrupted. Our perception of reality is controlled by these evil minded fools. They feed on our fear and negative energies. Open-minded people around the earth are experiencing an awakening to the domination of the evil illuminati. As evil government agencies and spinoff organizations develop its electronic wizardry dominating techniques, in addition to “cleaning up” to initiate the New World Order, the fabrication of “problems” clearly is identified by the opened-minded individual. Recognizing the evil intent of the world leaders, there should be no doubt that there is a powerful hidden source that controls world events, economy, the media, and agenda of the world governments... |

Over the last month numerous independent researchers have put together a startling amount of evidence that there were multiple shooters during the horrific Las Vegas Massacre, many of them pointing to the plethora of eyewitness reports that confirm this stunning fact.

Amazingly, eyewitnesses have not only reported the existence of multiple shooters near the Route 91 Music Festival, many have also noted that there were shooters at other hotels along the strip, including Hooters, MGM, The Bellagio, and The Delano.

Footage from these hotels (which is included in the video below) also points to attackers striking multiple places throughout the strip.

For their part, law enforcement authorities in both the Las Vegas Police Department and The FBI have actively covered up what actually happened during that fateful night, going out of their way to confuse the timeline and at one point even telling Americans to ignore independent news reports and even video footage that they could see with their own eyes.

We are clearly witnessing a massive coverup of one of the worst mass shootings in American history. At this point one has to wonder if authorities were in on the attack themselves or if they are covering up the fact that a terror group such as ISIS actually hit Las Vegas?

The following video puts together the various eyewitness reports that prove, without a shadow of doubt, that the authorities are lying about Stephen Paddock being the lone gunman who carried out the attack.

While over 40 minutes long, I encourage you to watch the entire report.

Although many facts about the attack remain unclear, it is safe to say that the official story has been officially debunked.
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