Nov 15, 2017

Nemesis maturity | Nov 15, 2017 | Earth's Magnetic Field Changing Fast - Strongest Disasters Ahead, Researchers Say |

Weakening of Earth's magnetic field is a harbinger of increase in frequency and severity of natural disasters. Changes in the tension of Earth’s magnetic field are happening unevenly along the surface and reach maximum values in the Western Hemisphere, particularly in North and South America. This suggests that on these territories the strongest disasters should be expected in the coming years. SWARM REVEALS EARTH'S CHANGING MAGNETISM New Study Shows How Rapidly Earth's Magnetic Field Is Changing Palaeomagnetic evidence for the persistence or recurrence of geomagnetic main field anomalies in the South Atlantic The anomaly in the Earth’s magnetic field which has geophysicists abuzz Clips, images credit: ESA, ESO, NASA