Nov 24, 2017 | Nov 23, 2017 | Foreign professors being reported to police for passing on knowledge | Blogger: THIS IS A VERY BIZARRE STORY!!!.. The Sneakers - Too Many Secrets.. (PS: On a personal note, i think that the professor knows too much, too many secrets, about the global banking system is rigged - US Financial Executive or Legislative Bodies like - I.M.F., FED, U.S.T, C.T., B.I.S., WORLD BANK, U.N., M M.O.U.S.E., tax havens - and how it's all interconnected, channel through the uber-wealthy elite, through political governmental body, hence, she's being escorted out the country and destroyed by the Rothschild and danish state of Denmark - similar to what the FBI do in US to their citizens)... "..🕳️🕳️🕳️ She's actually considering taking her own son by the hand and fleeing from DENMARK🕳️🕳️🕳️..".".. Billions in tax havens: "If people knew how crazy the system is, there would be a revolution.." .".. (The notorious, courageous and rebellious Women), the US professor Brooke Harrington at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), ""loses"" the right to apply or being granted a permanent residence permit in Denmark the next 15 years, if she receives a fine for holding a memorandum in the Danish Parliament, the tax authority SKAT and the Danish business authority Erhvervsstyrelsen to share her expertise on tax havens. According to Danish law, non-EU citizens are not permitted to pass on their knowledge outside their own university, in accordance with their residence permits, according to".".. (theatlantic) Inside the Secretive World of Tax-Avoidance Experts. A sociologist realized that if she were ever going to understand global inequality she would have to become one of the people who helps create it. So she trained to become a wealth manager to the ultra-rich... "". -- Brooke: It is said that the one who lives hidden, lives in paradise. In London, a company has the slogan: "I want to be invisible.". It is estimated that wealth managers each year help to evade the world treasury bills for $ 200 billion in lost tax revenue. The secrets can deal with substance abuse, homosexuality, mistresses and children out of wedlock. "The wealth manager must know it all. Everything. Not only about the client, but also about the entire client's family. So it's very soap-operative, (It's all rigged) "she says.. I would say that about a quarter of the world expressed the view that tax is theft. And that they are doing the moral right by protecting their clients from the big badly confiscating welfare states, according to Brooke .."... Blogger: Did she reveal the truth about the Nationalbanken do not print money?? Danmarks Nationalbank only produces banknotes and coins (5% of the money supply). The rest, the so-called digital accounts (95% of the money supply), which we have on our Dankort and as bank deposits are produced by the banks without any form of restriction or state control... Did she disclose about the secretly 140 danish VIP names, whose companies are linked to 'Paradise Papers'??. Did she portrait Henrik Sass Larsen, and other Danish Politicians, swearing falsely information to Parliament (Folketinget), about the Privilege of Money!?? (their involvement in the economic plundering of the Danish people)... Did she tell them, the world's economic elite employs a creative crowd of wealth managers who, in the shadow of globalization, bring enormous values in tax havens.??... |