Nov 24, 2017

BREAKING | 24. Nov 2017 | Politiet undersøger mulige eksplosivstoffer i København | Blogger. PS: ""James: By the way, the same procedure as last year, Miss Sophie?"". Last couple of times False Flag Ops hits London City, unusual and suspect activities takes place in Denmark - like clockwork. Some sought of test, to see how sacred danish people has become? A ""beta-test"", a drill for something bigger in the horizant?? (In English from TV2 NEWS:) The police are investigating possible explosives in Copenhagen -- The Copenhagen Police have closed off an area in the Northwest Quarter in Copenhagen. A suspicious possible explosives is being investigated. The police confirm that they are in full force in the area with bomb disposal units, evacuation busses, ambulances and an emergency doctor on site... |

Politiet undersøger netop nu mulige eksplosivstoffer. Vi vurderer, at der er tale om et almindeligt kriminelt forhold i det kriminelle miljø. Intet yderligere for nu.