Apr 22, 2024

πŸš„πŸ’¨⏱️ (ALL ON BOOOooaaarRRDD!) The fire and total elimination of Denmark's Old Stock Exchange was a "financial derailment". We're still on the right track though and train is leaving the station. ~ Apr 22, 2024 ~ |


Editor's Note: What does that mean? Get off your ass and buy some VND (as former IT-banker my best advice). Don't be greedy. Why? Because VND or DONG is the only currency that is still valid as trade in and payment in Vietnam. That means, you will never lose anything, because, it's been rigged at same rate/value in the last 20 years (at least). When it goes berserk (you can surely guess what happens next). Truthers knows (or at least SoTW believe) Joe-The-Moe Biden has to leave office before RV will take place. My Higher-Self has clearly stated that April/May/June will be months of "Black Swan Major Events". That said, we have absolutely no idea what tricks the "Cabal" have up in their sleeves. All we know is, that these Kabbalists (psychopaths, satanist and 'everyday sadists'), will try to take down HUmanity with them in their demise.  Anywho, On the live webinar with Brad olsen Apr 12, 2024 w/Alex Collier, Alex talked about his old Zimbabwean dollars that he took to his Wells Fargo banker and the banker was apparently fully aware what was about to go down (cannot share the videoclip). I AM on SoTW a very simple and down to earth grounded person. Not gonna scream out loud and run in the streets just yet... |  

SoTW - (Today's Inspirational Spiritual Quotes)
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SoTW - EARTH SHAKING April - May!🚨🚨🚨 Bo Polny
(listen to 23 minute marker and next 10 minutes - personally I think Polny is religious nutcase)

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