Apr 22, 2024

🌎🛸🕉️ (UFOs are Piloted by ‘Spiritual Entities’) says Fox News vet Tucker Carlson: ‘There’s a ton of evidence that they’re under the ocean and under the ground,’ Carlson told Rogan and added: ‘They’ve been here for a long time.’ ~ Apr 22, 2024 ~ |

Tucker Carlson says UFOs are piloted by 'spiritual entities' with bases 'under the ocean and the ground'

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By Matthew Phelan | DailyMail

UFOs and their pilots might not be ‘extra-terrestrials’ from a distant planet at all, but ‘spiritual entities’ who have inhabited Earth for as long as humanity itself.

At least, that’s the ‘supernatural’ theory Fox News vet and one-time MSNBC host Tucker Carlson put forward this week on comedian Joe Rogan‘s podcast

‘There’s a ton of evidence that they’re under the ocean and under the ground,’ Carlson told Rogan’s listeners during the show’s usual, sprawling, three-hour-long chat format, adding: ‘They’ve been here for a long time.’

Carlson’s latest comments echo an increasingly common refrain from UFO-curious lawmakers, including Missouri Congressman Eric Burlison and his fellow GOP legislator Tim Burchett, who both compared UFOs to Biblical entities in the past year.

‘The first chapter of Ezekiel is pretty clear of a UFO sighting,’ Rep. Burchett told reporters in January of 2023, ahead of his push to bring UFO whistleblowers to testify before Congress last summer.

‘Whenever I use the term “angels,”‘ added Rep. Burlison, who has been privy to classified briefings on the UFO phenomena, ‘to me, it’s synonymous with an extradimensional being.’Tucker Carlson appeared to earnestly cosign these notions on his April 19 podcast appearance, while pleading ignorance on many unanswered questions surrounding the issue, now more commonly called Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena or UAP.

‘They’re from here and they’ve been here for thousands of years,’ Carlson said, ‘whatever they are.’

‘And it’s pretty clear to me that they’re “spiritual entities,”‘ he continued, ‘whatever that means.’

The veteran broadcaster explained that by ‘supernatural’ he meant that the beings were ‘above the observable nature’ and that they ‘don’t behave according to the laws of science.’

‘With that fact set,’ Carlson put it rhetorically, ‘what do you conclude?’

Earlier in 2024, Rogan commented on Carlson’s growing public interest in UFOs, wondering ahead of Carlson’s appearance on his program: ‘What does he know?’

But speculation linking UFOs to religious visitations and/or theories about interdimensional beings have been a recurring feature within the discourse on the topic since the early 20th Century.

The concept gained its highest and arguably most reputable profile with the publication of the book ‘Passport to Magonia: from Folklore to Flying Saucers’ by the astronomer and Internet pioneer Jacques Vallée in 1969.

Vallée, who later served as the inspiration for François Truffaut’s character in Steven Spielberg’s UFO blockbuster ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind,’ had spent years pouring over volumes of ancient texts for the groundbreaking tome.

He paired 1180 encounters with ‘luminous’ flying ‘earthenware vessels’ reported over Japan, Roman accounts of hovering ‘shields’ and Native American stories of ‘baskets from heaven’ to argue a continuity with modern ‘flying saucer’ cases.

In more recent years, Vallée, now a Silicon Valley venture capitalist and computer scientist, published a study of physical evidence from a UFO crash in a peer-reviewed science journal, Progress in Aerospace Sciences.

As he told Wired, Vallée hopes that research will become ‘a template […] for what serious UFO research could be in the future, if one plays by the rules.’

But similar arguments, linking UFOs to demonic entities or angelic miracles, have also been made in less scholarly form on cable TV shows like ‘Ancient Aliens,’ and online by conspiracy theorists and evangelical Christians, among others.

The editor for Phenomena Magazine, Brian Allan, to cite one account, spoke to Anglican Pastor Ray Boeche who claims that a faction within the Pentagon deeply believes that UFOs are the product of demonic forces.

‘The Defense Intelligence Agency were looking at this demonic element, and they labelled these sorts of aliens as ‘non human entities,’ Allan said.

‘They believed that there was a demonic component to the UFO phenomenon: they are not invading us, it’s Biblical.’

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