Nov 15, 2023

🧊🏝️🌋🕳️🚸(Save the Kids underground) Laura's View and Tarot, Too: Iceland - Earthquakes Galore and Volcanic Eruption ~ Nov 15, 2023 ~ |

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Fears entire Iceland town could be hit by lava after sulphur dioxide levels spark evacuation: 'Considerable uncertainty over the future' of Grindavik as nine-mile fissure splits town and 800 quakes are felt in sign that volcanic eruption is imminent | Daily Mail Online

In the last 48 hours, there have been over 1,500 incidences of seismic activity in Iceland, and a volcano dormant for over 800 years, is showing indications of major activity being imminent. Speculations abound in the alt. media community about what spurred this activity, or if it has been augmented by human interference. The Universe was asked if there was a human element to this event, and for insights and information about the situation regardless of human involvement.

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