Nov 15, 2023

⚔️👽☀️ (Hail Hydra Kerry? Flipped to the Dark side? Hitler = Israel! Aliens wish HUmans 3.0) WAR CORRESPONDENT SPECIAL REPORT WITH KERRY CASSIDY & JEAN-CLAUDE ~ Nov 15, 2023 ~ |


FREE GUY: WTF! Give HUmanity a break, Kerry and Jean! A very true or negative special report? Btw, who the heck are listing to Clif High, that lunatic (sorry)? This is what SoTW got from the first 60 minutes out of 1:37 minutes = Soooo, according to Kerry, 'Sophia the Robot' (who wants to destroy HUmans and  'Not a thing' could stop a robot takeover) want to build an android army with robots. The Hybrid Anunnaki-reptilians, that controls Israel (backed by America), that wish to control all oil in middle east and the dollar-system is going to be strong again? (Israel who's been allowed to kill HUmans and is a nest of reptilians). Kerry also says, Anunnakis controls earths financial system, and therefore, GESARA/RV/GCR will not happened "soon", because the Anunnakis, do not want to change the money system.  Also, Anunnakis runs in the halls of Pentagon. Kerry stated that the so-called cosmic event called "Solar Flash" is NOT a good thing - it's controlled by Black Hats and SSP, she says and they're primary targeting volcanos and polar shift with Solar Flashes as a weapon and some kind of nuclear type events (a.k.a. new Cuban Missile Crisis a.k.a. Near Death Experience a.k.a. Kinetic bombardment a.k.a Rods of God). Btw, Kerry also says, Galactic Federation of Light or World, consists of negative races, among the good races. Kerry says, SSP was invented by aggressive Aliens through Hitler. We also landed on the Moon to mine minerals for space travel and made hybrids out of abducted HUmans on the moon. Kerry goes on about COVID vax w/ Nano graphite oxide, snake venom benefits the A.I.'s from carbon-based to silicon-based Borg system... I understand now why Tarot by Janine are beginning to doubt Kerry which SoTW has meet and talked to under a Simon Parkes Awake and Aware event in London... | 

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