Aug 3, 2023

⛈️🔅🌪️❤️‍🩹 (Global Weather of Mass Destruction?) Geo-engineering Earth through Weather Modification technologies - dual use energy weapons ~ Aug 3, 2023 ~ |


Free Guy: Dane Wigginton posses the worlds best intel and research on Weather Manipulations, if you ask me on SoTW. Followed him many years, but way too pessimistic and scientific for me. I'd meet Dr. Salla twice IRL. A really goofy-guy, that Salla, old chap! Anyways, my higher self (H-S) told me a few weeks ago, that The White Hats has 15% control of Weather Manipulation devices. 85% is still in the hands of Black Hats. Buuutt, I have heard that one of the most deadly DEW-weaponry, Air Force 'Rods from God' (Project Thor) that originated with the RAND corporation in the 1950's was taken over and is now in WH's control and 'most' of the HAARP facilities. I think they used this kind of Kinetic bombardment on the Moon surface and because it's a large hollow sphere, it shook for several hours (or days)... |  

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