Jul 25, 2023

🙏 ~ 💝 (SoTW's Dialogue with the Higher Self) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos ~ July 25, 2023 (Quick-and-dirty H-S predictions. P.S.: This is NOT my day consciousness but my higher consciousness! Questions comes from me goes through my Holistic ND and my body has the answer as a self help guide to kinesiology. H-S is like a snapshot seeing from a 80s polaroid instant camera which picture coming out faded. Because, we live in a dynamic world where change is constant, depending which chooses the White Hats takes and the Black Hats tries to stop or vice versa. It's a constant battle and the spiritual warfare is real) ~ |

Free Guy: Answers from my H-S; 💨RV comes in May 2024 (“revalue” or “RV” the currency, boosting its current value of VND, Iraqi Dinar etc.) 💨 5 different Toothpaste products or 33% on the market still contains toxic fluoride 💨 There's 84% (eighty four percent) "sheeplers, normies, muggles, NPC's" in Denmark that is not awake, that is corresponding to the number of vaccinated. They dare not waking up 💨 Danish personal income TAX will disappear in 2028 💨 Danish Property taxes also 2028💨 GESARA (Global version of U.S. NESARA) with all the implementations includes citizen salary will happened 2028 💨 Revelations or disclosures of many presidents like Biden 'unfit for any office' will happened in August 2023 💨 The US dollar and the economy suffer a breakdown in 2023 💨 The Ukraine war is reduced or weakened in the autumn of 2023 but does not end (right now Benjamin Fulford says high-level negotiations are taking place between Russia and NATO a peace deal who gets what in the territories of Ukraine) 💨 'Real whistleblower' who dares to speak up that claims a secret space programs exists, will happened in 2028 💨 The Royal House or The Danish monarchy is falling apart before 2026. There will be no new king. There will be an attempted abolition of monarchy. And therefore dismantling of Freemasonry. DDFO-Queen have the highest degree as a Grand Master (both operations conducted by The White Hats). Some claims the Danish and Scandinavian Masonic degree system is called the Grand Orient and differs among other things. Not as other degree systems Scottish Rite and York Rite by having 12th degrees. Not like the American degree system and the upper, Luciferian 33rd degree 💨 Novo Nordisk 2 products, weight loss and diabetes medicine from Novo Nordisk are being investigated for increasing cancer risk, Products name is Wegovy og Ozempic, that will be stopped and banned in 2024 💨 15% of Chemtrails and weather manipulation systems is now in the White Hats control... |

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