Jul 17, 2023

😍 ~ ✨ (777 Gateway upgrades - all is leading to 8:8 LionsGate!) Meg Benedicte: Reunification in Progress! ~ July 17, 2023 ~ |


We are still experiencing the aftereffects of the 777 Gateway upgrades. What a powerful cosmic activation it was! At first, I thought this newly heightened expansion and higher vibrational pulsing in my body, heart, mind was due to being in Mount Shasta’s vortex power. Then I realized it was still there, days later, maintaining the upgrade. It is awe-inspiring!

The 777 gateway illuminated Soul Truth, like stepping through the Looking Glass. It was a profound moment of clarity, initiation and actualization. It ignited the Inner Mystic within. There is no going back! Every step you take leads you into more Soul fulfillment of your destiny.

The up-leveling upswell continues while Sirius rises with our Sun on the horizon, creating an interdimensional tunnel wave into LionsGate on August 8th. The Blue Ray of Sirius illuminates the path of Ascension for awakening souls. The Sirian interstellar Blue Light Ray weaves in quantum entanglement with the Lumerian holofield of an ascended civilization on Gaia. Sirius is the prototype of 5th dimensional quantum living, paving the path, showing the way into Soul Light Body activation.

As you embody more of your Soul presence in your Pillar, you begin to amplify your unique Soul energetic frequency that pulses in singularity at your heart crystal. It is your Soul frequency that connects and entangles with your Home Star in the quantum field. You are reuniting with your original Soul group nucleus, vibrating like a homing beacon.

In the quantum field, each Soul group nucleus fractally replicates into Soul clusters. It is imperative to entrain to your unique Soul cluster, both physical and spiritual, as you embody more and more of your Soul essence. It is part of the bridging between time and space, the unification with your Soul cluster. Ascending into 5D and higher reunites you with all aspects of Soul essence and your galactic Soul Family.

You are a Weaver of Realities! As a New Earth Alchemist, you are weaving the past, the present and the future, forming the New Earth! In your meditations continue to weave and connect Mount Shasta’s Root Chakra with Giza’s Pyramid Throat Chakra with Glastonbury’s Heart Chakra. This is lighting up the crystalline grid for more openings, more awakenings, more upgrades in the earth plane.

Together, we are forming a powerful interdimensional Golden Triangle. We are weaving ancient star seeded Zep Tepi Egypt with loving compassion of Glastonbury’s Heart on the Michael/Mary ley lines with the Lemurian Sirian essence of Mount Shasta! It is tapping into the Alpha and Omega, coming full circle! You are weaving a direct connection between Gaia’s ancient star-seeded past, earthly present and harmonious New Earth future. All is leading to 8:8 LionsGate!

Lovingly, Meg

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