Jul 17, 2023

💑 ~ 💌 (I love this song, one of my all time favourites. Listen closely to the lyrics) Angel Eyes, The Passion of the Christ & Sound of Freedom: I read somewhere that Cabal tried to kill Jim Caviezel after the movie was released, no matter if Christ's crucifixion, is based on truth or lies. SoTW have to admit that I AM a sucker for romantic movies because my heart is pure, full of love and aches, and feel sympathy and sadness for the suffering of other people. How to feel and how to show compassion and forgiveness for others. The traits that make HUman beings unique. Something, that Yaldabaoth (Lord of the Archons), A.I.'s and Clones (NPC), cannot do ~ July 17, 2023 ~ |

Angel Eyes (2001) - IMDb

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