Jul 17, 2023

🎭🀦‍♂️🎬🀑 (What's wrong with this picture full of "actors" - thick as thieves?) A comedian, actor and "homosexual weirdo" who became worlds famous and most dangerous president? Time Magazine named (gay Lord Voldemort) Zelensky and "the spirit of Ukraine" as its 2022 Person of the Year. Let's Go Brandon - Biden and Harris rumored to have been arrested and charged with Voter Fraud in the 2020 Election. “We are saving Israel for last.” – Q. Be Prepared. Be Reactive. Be Patient. Be Grateful For Your New Life Ahead – JFK Jr. ~ July 17, 2023 ~ |


Pretty Woman - Big Mistake

TIME Person of the Year 2022: How We Chose Volodymyr Zelensky and the Spirit of Ukraine | Time
Connor on Twitter: "Gwyneth Paltrow, my unhinged queen! https://t.co/cSQDUWV901" / Twitter
Gwyneth Paltrow overrasker: 'Slikker du rΓΈv?' | BT Int. kendte - www.bt.dk

SoTW  in yellow + pic from "secret guy"
Sky Atlantic Britannia review: "Game of Thrones does Glastonbury". Also airing on Showcase in Australia | Radio Times
(3) Koldinghus - Ved gallataflet i anledning af H.M. Dronningens... | Facebook
Agent — Se serien her — TV 2 Play
Department Q - Wikipedia


SoTW (+ Facebook) - click for big picture

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