Feb 19, 2023

💎✨💗 (SoTW Archive) CINTAMANI SACRED STONE: Cintamani Stone 'Celestial Substance' Precious Out-Of-This-World Rare Sacred Gem ~ Feb 19, 2023 ~ |

Cintamani Stones | Tachyon Paris 



Editor's Note: I'm telling you, these sacred stones are incredible powerful and (alive). Even better if it's Tachyonized... First time it came in SoTW's possession of a stone was at U.S. conference by Rob Potter and Tracy Houghton in Mt. Shasta, California. One of the MOST amazing places in the world and conference, I've EVER attended... 2nd time was THE ASCENSION CONFERENCE in 2016 by Cobra and Isis Astara in Chania, Crete. It was of course, tachyonized. I placed it in my hand it felt like a VERY strong burning sensation... Several other times, I have bought Cintamani stones through my danish contactee at THC (Tachyon Healing Chamber) in Denmark... ALL of them are missing... It's funny, it seems when the energy is no longer needed, 'they' will leave you... I used to talk to Tracy Houghton about that, because as she said, when Rob and her where shipping them to customers, it went to different locations at different post offices, before the stones, finally arrived at their destination.. Anywho, Cobra has once said, that if you have a Cintamani stone, it will be completely transparent and sparkling of enormous light through the hole transition of the EVENT and give you great power (something like that)... I have personally placed or burried Cintamani & other gem grade stones next to the darkest corners in Denmark, especially at the Parliament and in some parks, without CCTV camera caught me (and other places in the world)... PS: besides the small grade stones, regular grade, gem grade stone and large gem grade stones, there's a even rare version now in the form of a 'Pearl' (it's quite expensive)... PSS: the Agartha cintamanis are infused with energies of the Agarthan underground kingdom of Light... NOTE: Be very carefull who you buy them from, since there's so many SCAMMERS out there and it's a Unique gemstone, and expensive. Some comes from deep within the jungle, others from scared places like Sedona, Arizona - I have heard... |

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