Feb 19, 2023

⚔️😯💣 (For the sake of argument, let's say...) SITREP: UPDATE 2/18 - MAJOR WAR CONFIRMED IMMINENT ~ Feb 19, 2023 ~ |

SITREP: Update 2/18 - Major War Confirmed Imminent (substack.com)
A US-led 'Coalition of the Willing' foreshadows the Splintering of NATO, by Mike Whitney - The Unz Review

Editor's Note: Calm before the storm -- Russia prepares Ukraine spring offensive... As former RAF soldier, and 20+ yrs experienced truther, but never active in war (thank god) I can smell a rat, a mile away! Next week is important. I'll put out a report abt The Swedish king undergoes a planned heart operation on February 20th and recalls all children home from abroad ("Hans" - king of Denmark, Norway & Sweden, died, in 1513)... Vladimir Putin delivers his traditional speech to the National Assembly on February 21st (1598 / 1613 2 Tsar of Russia)... The Danish Queen under the knife of a (major) back operation, they now say, on February 22th (The Feast of the Chair of St. Peter)... Jimmy Carter enters hospice care at home... Btw, the destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline was a gangster act that reveals the cancer at the heart of the “rules-based order”. How can there be peace and security when the world’s most powerful nation can destroy the critical infrastructure of other countries without deliberation or judicial proceedings? If Hersh’s report can be trusted—and I think it can—then we must assume that senior-level advisors in the Biden administration as well as the president himself deliberately perpetrated an act of industrial terrorism against a long-term friend and ally, Germany... |

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