Feb 15, 2023

👋🦹️‍⚧️ (One more down - three to go) One more of the WEF's enchanted Trans-Cabal leaders Nicola Sturgeon a.k.a. “nippy sweetie” resigns as Scotland's first minister ~ Feb 15, 2023 (SoTW; Before Sturgeon, NZ PM Jacinda Ardern a.k.a. male "Aunty Cindy" has announced she's leaving office. Before her, Elizabeth II a.k.a. UK "Queen-Lizzie" died! Rumors of Trump taken her out in 2018! Many, many leaders and politicians are leaving the 'shitshow', but one remarkable mason remains, Danish PM Mette F. a.k.a. 'Mette-Mink'! Isn't that strange??? With the King of Sweden a.k.a. “king of the Goths” to undergo heart surgery, Denmark's Queen Margrethe a.k.a. "DDFO-Daisy" to undergo 'serious' back operation and 'King' Charles a.k.a “Grandpa Wales” cancels annual ski trip for first time in 45 years afraid abt coronation, I wonder how long the last three UNHOLY can remain in the CGI-office! Joe Biden a.k.a. "Dark Brandon" and Pope Francis a.k.a. "Pedo Papa Pancho" and Nazi inspired Ursula von der Leyen a.k.a. “die hübsche.” How long will C4L Mette F. last? Israeli fake Jews or the Zionists, must have her under a Dark Spell Of Magic - remember - Israel is for last) ~ |

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